Our Happy Customers...

"You Can Help Others!"

How to find a niche has been the most important thing so far. Yes, I would recommend the course because it is broken into easily doable steps, it's affordable, and the emphasis is on "taking care of your herd," i.e. helping others and receiving compensation for your help.

Virginia Schollenberger   Shady Side, MD

"Very Do-able!"

On page 9 of Lesson #2, it talks about the most desirable people in your niche...the beginner. I know more than a beginner. I do have something they want to know about!

The lessons come once a week with a very do-able lesson. I love the action guides and websites you send us to look at...It seems to me the only way to fail is to not do your lessons!

Steve is very genuine and wants us to succeed.  The Online Business Basics course is getting me where I want to go!

Teri Denison   Clayton, WA.

"Stephen Really Cares!"

Looking for my herd has been the most important thing so far. Never thought about that before. Also, joint ventures - never thought of that either.

The course is real value for money, and although Stephen is a good businessman, I get the impression that he also really cares about the success of his clients.

Mary Ramsaay   Largo, Florida

"This Course Won't Overwhelm!"

Building an email capture page has been the most important thing so far. I would recommend this product because it's just what the title says: the basics. It's portrayed in simple attainable goals that don't overwhelm a person who is already busy. Just what I

Lisa Sain    Lancaster, OH

"Other Courses Don't Compare!"

Take care of my herd and they'll take care of me. I've got a great e-product that I can't wait to get out to people. I've tried other people's coaching and whatnot, and they're just too generalized and simple. I look forward to receiving instructions on marketing through social media, too. Thanks!

Jorgen Jensen    Lehi, UT